Best cars for towing: 1400-1699kg

Whether you're planning to tow a light trailer, a giant twin-axle caravan, or something in between, these are the models you should be considering...

Seat Ateca with caravan


Seat Ateca 2.0 TSI 190 FR DSG

List price: £31,355 Target Price: £28,374 Kerb weight: 1541kg 85% match: 1310kg Max towing weight: 1900kg Towball limit: 88kg

Until this year, no petrol car has ever won its weight division at the Tow Car Awards. Now there are two petrol-powered class winners, with the Seat Ateca 2.0 TSI winning the 1400-1549kg class to match the Octavia's win in the lightest weight category.

This isn't simply a reflection of the car market's move away from diesel towards petrol, either; these cars win on merit.

The Ateca is really punchy, which makes for confident overtaking even when pulling a caravan. But more importantly, the Ateca tows straight and true at the legal limit.

We also found it takes firm charge of the caravan in emergency manoeuvres, while its four-wheel-drive system puts the power down cleanly even when the road surface is wet.

Leave the caravan behind and the Ateca is more fun to drive than just about any other SUV of this size, with nimble handling and well weighted steering. Plus, FR spec cars are well equipped, and the interior is roomy.

Tow Car Awards verdict: Fun, practical, and a very capable tow car

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Volkswagen Arteon 2.0 TDI 150 Elegance DSG

Volkswagen Arteon with caravan

List price: £36,145 Target Price: £31,118 Kerb weight: 1643kg 85% match: 1397kg Max towing weight: 2000kg Towball limit: 90kg

No, the Volkswagen Arteon doesn't look like a typical tow car. But that doesn't mean it's not an exceptionally good one. In fact, it's full of surprises.

Look at the sloping roof, and you'd think that interior space has been sacrificed for coupé-like style. But no, head room is only slightly compromised and there's acres of leg room.

Boot space is another eye-opener. There's 563 litres for your bags, which means the Arteon offers more luggage room than many estate cars.

It's less surprising that the Arteon tows well, because it's based on the Volkswagen Passat, which was the overall winner in 2015. Both proved unflustered at speed, and took our emergency lane-change test in their stride.

The Arteon's 2.0-litre diesel engine comfortably handles a caravan weighted to 85% of the car's kerbweight, and the DSG automatic gearbox shifts smoothly. You can buy more powerful versions of the Arteon, but you certainly don't have to for the sake of towing.

Your reward for showing restraint and choosing the least powerful diesel in the Arteon line-up is excellent fuel economy; we achieved 29.1mpg while towing.

Tow Car Awards verdict: Stylish and great to tow with; a worthy winner

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