Best electric vans in 2021

The number of electric vans available to buy is growing. Which ones are the best?...

Increasing demand (often driven by large city centres imposing more stringent clean air zones) is causing an electric motoring revolution and prompting more manufacturers to launch electrified vans.Image 1 of 22

As new electric vans enter the market, the capability of what's on offer is increasing too. If you're unsure as to whether an electric van is the right choice for you, you can read our guide to the pros and cons of purchasing one.

While they're far from being the right choice for everyone – with most potential buyers citing stumbling blocks revolving around the high upfront cost of purchasing one, whether the real-world range they will deliver before needing charging is sufficient and the quality and frequency of the public charging infrastructure – an increasing number of buyers and businesses are making the switch.

Below, we highlight the electric vans we recommend most highly.