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Best hybrid & electric cars for towing

So, you want to do the right thing and buy an electric or hybrid car, but you also need to tow a caravan or trailer occasionally. What’s the best alternative-fuel car for you?.....

If you own a caravan that you take on regular trips and want an affordable car to tow it with, you’re best off choosing a diesel model, such as our current Tow Car of the Year, the Volkswagen Arteon 2.0 TDI.Image 1 of 19

However, if you only need to tow occasionally, or have something lighter to tow, such as a small trailer or cycle carrier, you could reap the fuel, emissions and money-saving benefits of a hybrid or electric car much of the time and still be able to use it to tow every now and then.

You’ll have to choose your car carefully, though, because not all alternative-fuel cars are approved for towing and some of those that are have low legal towing limits. For example, the Toyota Prius Hybrid can only tow a braked or unbraked trailer weighing up to 725kg, while the larger, heavier Lexus RX450h has a maximum towing limit of 2000kg.

Here we name the best hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars for towing: