Best used convertible cars for less than £25,000

It’s time to get a great used convertible before the sun disappears, so here's our top 10 list of the best examples for less than £25,000...

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01 June 2019

Best used convertible cars for less than £25,000

The warmer weather of summer has finally arrived and you’ve got £25,000 burning a hole in your pocket. Should you consider a bit of fun in the sun? Of course you should, and that's why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best convertible cars for less than the aforementioned figure, saving you precious shortlisting time.

All the cars on this list are capable of losing their lids in a matter of moments to let you bask in the sun’s rays. And when the inevitable rain arrives, you can quickly get their roofs back up again to avoid getting drenched.

Speaking of things to avoid, we’ve also included the one open-top car that you should steer clear of, because it’s about as much fun as a wet weekend in Margate. You have been warned.

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10. BMW 4 Series Convertible

BMW 4 Series Convertible

There’s definitely a certain something about a lidless BMW, even if you’re stuck in rush-hour traffic. The folding metal roof of the 4 Series is pretty clever and allows you to operate it on the go at speeds below 8mph. That makes this BMW a fair bit heavier its soft-top alternatives (the convertible version is actually heavier than the Coupé), so if you want something with a bit more oomph, you could opt for the 435i or 430d if you can find one within your budget.

The market for this classy convertible starts at around £15,000 for a 2014-2015 model with around 100,000 miles on the clock, and for that you get a premium interior and one of the best infotainment systems in the business. The amount of available boot space varies dramatically whether the roof is open or closed, so bear that in mind. There was a recall to check the rear axle bolts to make sure they weren’t loose or that the old ones had been reused after a repair.

We found: 2018 BMW 4 Series Convertible 420d M Sport manual, 2642 miles, £24,800

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9. Jaguar XK convertible

Jaguar XK Convertible (06 - 15)

The V8 packed under the bonnet of every XK convertible belies the car’s slinky elegance – the road-burning supercharged XKR even more so. It’s got plenty of pace but is thirsty – you’ll struggle to get more than 23-25mpg, depending on the spec – and maintenance costs are high. Be on the lookout for accident damage, inspect the fabric hood for tears and check the tread depth of the tyres. Replacements aren’t cheap.

We found: 2012 Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 convertible, 60,000 miles, £23,988

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8. BMW 6 Series Convertible

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As a fairly large convertible suited to touring, the 6 Series Convertible has a thick fabric roof that ensures peaceful progress when it's closed. An upmarket interior is a given in the 6 Series, and even the six-cylinder diesel is a punchy and hushed engine. You might want to opt for the SE model, though, because the firm M Sport suspension might not be for everyone. The 640d SE should manage a combined NEDC economy figure of 50.4mpg, although road tax can reach an eye-watering £465 a year if the car was registered after 1 April 2017.

Check that the air conditioning works, because expensive faults are notorious. Also look for any scuffed bumpers and damaged alloy wheels since this is a fairly big car that can be hard to park. There have also been a few recalls, including for airbag faults, failed exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and pedestrian protection systems not working, so check with a BMW dealer to make sure your car isn’t affected.

We found: 2015 BMW 6 Series Convertible 640d M Sport auto, 50,000 miles, £24,480

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