Best used coupes for less than £10,000

The car you’ve always promised yourself? These £10,000 used coupés show that you can have style and practicality on a budget...

Audi TT

1. Audi TT

Audi may have played on the style of the first-generation TT, but it really pulled out all the stops with the second-generation car. While it can trace its underpinnings back to the Golf, there's much more aluminium used in this generation of Audi TT and it handles with aplomb; a little like a Golf GTI, but one with a fancy suit on. However, the TT still manages to squeeze in a useful amount of cargo room and running costs are reasonable, thanks to a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines to suit all budgets. It is, in short, a class act that is worthy of being at the top of this list.

We found 2014 Audi TT 1.8 T FSI S Line 46,600 miles, £9990

And the coupés to avoid…

Hyundai Veloster

Best used coupes for less than £10,000

If you don’t like how it looks on one side, just nip round to the other side for a different style altogether. That’s because one side has just one door, and the kerbside has two. Why? Good question. But at least that extra door is on the correct side for safe entry and exit and you don’t have to open the front one first to get to the back. Elsewhere, though, the Veloster is a distinctly average car.

Best used coupes for less than £10,000

It was positively creaking by the time Mercedes put this car out of its misery, and while you could have had it with a large 3.5-litre V6 (read 'thirsty'), it was in essence a light facelift of the old C-Class Sport Coupé from 2001. For what is such an outdated car at heart, the CLC costs quite a bit, too.

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