Best used coupes for less than £25,000 (and the one to avoid)

You’re fortunate enough to have £25,000 to spend on a swanky, premium used coupé - but what do you buy? Here’s our top ten list...

Audi TT

1. Audi TT

Audi TT

The Audi TT has won numerous awards from What Car?, because few rivals manage to get close to its winning combination of class, practicality and fine driving dynamics. It has one of the best interiors of any car, regardless of price, and it houses some cutting-edge technology, such as Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, which replaces traditional dials with a configurable 12.3in screen.

There’s something for everyone in the engine department, because you can have everything from an economical diesel to the fire-spitting 394bhp TT RS. On balance, we'd suggest you go for the splendid 227bhp 2.0-litre petrol that's quiet and efficient when cruising but flexible and willing to rev when you reach a more interesting stretch of Tarmac. Plus, the TT has sharp handling, a pleasant ride and progressively weighted steering that makes it easy to place the car in corners. It’s our favourite used coupé at the moment, and we think you’ll agree that it makes for an excellent second-hand purchase.

We found: 2017 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Sport, 9582 miles, £23,900

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The used coupe to avoid: Volkswagen Beetle

Used Volkswagen Beetle 2012-2018

For those who like cars with cute, retro styling: go and buy a Mini instead. The latest Volkswagen Beetle was an okay car and a much more resolved steer than its rather lacklustre predecessor, but that wasn’t really hard to achieve. Aside from some subtle design motifs that harked back to the original Type 1 Beetle, the interior wasn’t one of Volkswagen’s best efforts. On the whole, the Mini hatchback is much more cohesive design and a nicer car overall.  

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