Best used electric cars for less than £15,000

You'll soon be able to buy a brand-new Dacia Spring electric car for just £15,000, but what could you buy on the used market for the same money? Here's our top 10...

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The forthcoming Dacia Spring may be something of a bargain if and when it comes on sale for £15,000, but did you know that the average price of a new electric car (EV) is £50,000?

Now, before you set up shop in the Cayman Islands or put that kidney on eBay, first consider the thousands of used electric cars out there. With a Spring-like budget of just £15,000, you'll see used electric cars and electric SUVs of many shapes and sizes.

We've put together a list of our top 10 favourites – you can find them (and more) via our used car pages.

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