Best used green cars (and the ones to avoid)

Buying a used electric car or hybrid is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, there are now some excellent used green cars out there that are worth your hard-earned wedge. Here are the best of them...

1. Best used green cars (and the ones to avoid)
Best used green cars
BMW i8
Audi A3 E-tron
kia soul ev
Toyota Prius
Nissan Leaf
Vauxhall Ampera
Volkswagen Golf GTE
Honda CR-Z
BMW 330e
Renault Zoe
Honda Insight
Citroen DS5 Hybrid4
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Think electric cars and hybrids are only for new car buyers? Think again. Now that these cleaner, greener technologies have been around for a few years, they’re filtering down nicely into the used market, meaning there’s now a plug-in car out there to spark (groan - editor) everyone's imagination.

And you don’t have to put up with driving around in something weedy and deeply abhorrent, either. Many of these used electric cars and hybrids are now genuinely desirable, with useable electric ranges, comfortable rides and electrifying (stop with the rubbish electric car puns - ed) performance.

To prove it, here are our top 10 used green cars – plus, as ever, two with all the appeal of a flat battery (you're fired - ed).

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