Best used green cars (and the ones to avoid)

Thinking of buying a used electric car or hybrid? We take a look at the second-hand green cars that are worth your cash...

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12 November 2017

Used Honda CR-Z 2010-2015
Used Honda CR-Z 2010-2015

Who says buying a great-value green car has to mean missing out on driving fun? The Honda CR-Z proves otherwise. With its great handling and manual gearbox, it involves you in the action, but, like most hybrids, it’s frugal around town. Prices are low, reliability is high, and the CR-Z looks fantastic to boot. Sure, there’s not much room in the back, but that’s par for the course with a coupé. Otherwise, there’s lots to love here.

We found: 2012 Honda CR-Z Sport, 46,000 miles, £6000

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2. BMW 330e

BMW 330e

Smooth, quiet, comfortable and great to drive – all descriptions that can be applied to any BMW 3 Series, so that they also stand true for the 330e is a mark of this car's completeness. The powertrain is potent, and in electric mode, refinement is excellent. The 330e rides and handles as well as any other 3 Series, too, which is quite an accomplishment given its extra weight. And, considering what you get for your cash here, it’s not bad value. There's a new model out now so expect even better value on your used one.