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Best used hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are no longer the preserve of the wealthy; there are plenty of reasonably priced ones to buy used, too. Here are our top picks...

Used hybrids

With the Government proposing to allow only the sale of electric cars from 2030 onwards, those anxious to dip their toes in the future can either opt for a full-fat electric vehicle now or experiment first with a little petrol-electric hybrid action, that is to say a car powered by a petrol engine combined with an electric motor. 

There are basically two types of hybrid: 'self-charging' models, which mix petrol and electric power in an effort to maximise efficiency, and plug-in hybrids that also have the ability to travel many miles purely on electricity before their engines need to cut in. 

There are plenty of either to buy used now, so many in fact that picking your way through the maze isn’t as easy as it once was. So here we bring you our guide to the best used hybrid cars. Read on to find out if there's one for you.