Best used hybrid cars (and the ones to avoid)

Hybrid cars are no longer the preserve of new car buyers; there are plenty out there to buy used, too. Here are our top picks...

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Alex Robbins
03 August 2017

Best used hybrid cars (and the ones to avoid)

With the Government proposing to allow only the sale of electrified cars from 2040 onwards, the spotlight has been thrown onto electric and hybrid cars. But nowadays, you don’t have to buy new to benefit from the lower emissions, cheaper road tax and better fuel efficiency of a hybrid.

Indeed, the proliferation of hybrid cars has resulted in their filtering down onto the used market – slowly, but surely. As a result, buying a used hybrid is genuinely an option and shouldn’t be too hard to do, especially if you’re prepared to travel a little to find the best example.

But with quite a few different makes and models now available, picking your way through the hybrid maze isn’t as easy as it once was. So here we bring you our guide to the best used hybrid cars; read on to find out which takes the top spot.

Best used hybrid cars

10. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Best used hybrid cars (and the ones to avoid)

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid, which means it has a battery that can be charged either by the 2.0-litre petrol engine, or by plugging the car in. A full charge takes five hours from a conventional socket and gives an electric-only range of 32.5 miles. It’s worth doing this, because running the petrol engine makes the Outlander thirsty. But the Outlander is big, spacious, well equipped and good value, so it’s worth a look if an electrified SUV is what you’re looking for.

We found: 2014 PHEV GX3h, 33,000 miles, £15,498

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9. Toyota Prius

Best used hybrid cars (and the ones to avoid)

It’s rather bland to drive and a little plasticky inside, but there are good reasons why the Toyota Prius is so plentiful: it’s reliable, efficient and spacious enough to serve as everyday family transport. Not to mention, it’s the hybrid that popularised the term. Its ubiquity makes it an easy option to buy used, too, because you’re more likely to find a tidy example locally. You can choose between traditional hybrid and plug-in variants, and whichever model you go for, equipment is plentiful.

We found: 2014 T Spirit, 11,000 miles, £16,000

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8. Lexus IS300h

Best used hybrid cars (and the ones to avoid)

Want your hybrid car to come in the shape of an executive saloon? Then the Lexus IS300h is your best bet. For one thing, this is the best version of the IS saloon, a car whose handsome looks and beautiful build quality stand it in good stead. The IS300h also offers punchy performance, and most versions come with plenty of equipment, even in the relatively lowly Executive Edition, which is our favourite model. And while engine noise can be a problem if you try to push it hard, the IS300h is smooth, comfortable and quiet the rest of the time.

We found: 2014 Executive Edition, 28,000 miles, £15,445

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Best used hybrid cars (and the ones to avoid)