Beware of dodgy security certificates

* Security installers body went bust * blank certificates end up online * Check with Thatcham to be sure...

19 May 2010

Beware of dodgy security certificates

Car security experts have warned motorists to be on their guard against fake certificates claiming alarms, immobilisers or tracking devices have been fitted to cars.

The warning comes as blank certificates from the old Vehicle Systems Installation Board (VSIB), the body that used to govern the industry before it went bust last year, wound up for sale online.

Car security and insurance research body Thatcham stepped in when the VSIB went bust and says certificates can be checked for their authenticity with them and will be logged on a database which insurers can use to help calculate premiums.

Thatcham has published a list of recognised installation companies if you want to have additional security features fitted to your car.

It is also launching a Thatcham Recognised Installer scheme on July 12th. More details will be announced next month.