BMW sells F1 team back to Sauber

* BMW sells team back to previous owner * Team bought by BMW in 2005 * Sale on condition of F1 starting place...

BMW sells F1 team back to Sauber

BMW has agreed to sell its Formula One team back to it's previous owner, Peter Sauber.

The German car manufacturer bought Sauber's Swiss-based F1 team in 2005, but it announced earlier that it was to pull out of the sport.

The sale to Sauber, however, is conditional on the team having a starting place in the 2010 F1 season.

Meanwhile, VW is reported to be interested in building F1 engines from 2012 and not to be out-done on the car maker/sports news, Audi has just bought a 9% stake in German football giants Bayern Munich.