BMWs green Olympic fleet

* Will supply nearly 4000 vehicles * All low-emission models * Bicycles, too...

BMWs green Olympic fleet

The 2012 London Olympic Games will provide a tantalising glimpse of BMW's future low-emissions vehicles.

BMW is the official automotive partner for the Olympics and will supply a fleet of nearly 4000 vehicles, which will be used to transport athletes, officials, media and other staff throughout these games.

The i3 megacity fully electric car and the i8 high-performance sports car won't form part of the Games' official BMW fleet, the car maker said today, although it will use the event as a showcase for the next step in its electric vehicle strategy.

Two forerunners to the i-series will play starring roles: one is the Mini E, which has been undergoing on-road consumer trials for two years. The other is the BMW 1 Series Active E , an electric version of the current 1 Series Coupe.

At least a third of the fleet will me made of current 320d Efficient Dynamics saloon models. The BMW 520d Efficient Dynamics saloon that was unveiled today at a presentation to showcase BMWs Olympic plans, will also feature heavily. Hybrid 5 Series models will also be used, and the fleet will also contain BMW motorcycles, scooters and electrically assisted Pedelec bicycles.

Although it has electric and hybrid models on the way, BMW says that it continues to back petrol and diesel combustion engines as the primary powertrains for the foreseeable future. It has made massive strides in driving down emissions. In the past 12 months alone it has dropped CO2 emissions across its range by 5.1%.