Car key lost in the post

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Car key lost in the post

Name Matt Dickinson
Car Seat Ibiza
Problem Car key lost in the post

Most new cars come with two sets of keys. However, when Matt Dickinson picked up his Seat Ibiza from Wilsons of Rathkenny in Northern Ireland he was given only one.

Matt tells us the second key wasnt available when he picked up the car, although Wilsons says he forgot to take it with him.

The sales representative told me he would send it to me in a few days, said Matt.

However, nine days later, the key still hadnt arrived, so Matt called the dealership to chase it. He was told it would be in the post within a couple of days.

Just over two weeks after buying his Ibiza, Matt received an envelope from Wilsons an envelope with a hole in it. The key was missing and I immediately assumed the worst, he explained.

After being told by Royal Mail that it was very unlikely the key would be found, Matt contacted us for advice. We agreed with Matt that he should ask to have the keys and locks on his car replaced so there was no danger that someone who knew Matts address could open his car. Wilsons agreed, and after some discussion between Matt, the dealer and Seat UK, the solution was agreed.

However, the agreed date to fit the new locks came and went. Wilsons told Matt they hadnt arrived yet, but were expected to turn up soon.

Helpdesk contacted Seat. Given how much Matt had been messed about, couldnt Seat make the delivery of the locks a priority so Matt could have the secure car hed paid for almost two months beforehand?

We kept up the pressure, but another two weeks elapsed before Seat was able to get the replacement locks to the dealer.

Seat told us: There will, of course, be no cost to Mr Dickinson. While theres no suggestion of any fault by Seat UK, we would like to apologise to Mr Dickinson on behalf of the dealer for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

We hope he will now be happy that the vehicle is entirely secure.

If this happens to you
1 Ideally, make sure the spare key is ready for you on the day you collect the car.
2 If the spare key is to be sent on later, make sure its posted securely, sent by courier or collect it in person.
3 Be prepared to complain to both the dealer and the manufacturer.