Car manufacturing revolution is coming

* Big changes in the next 20 years, says BMW * Sales and manufacturing face revolution * Design and materials will push change...

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What Car? Staff
02 March 2011

Car manufacturing revolution is coming

Car sales and manufacturing processes will undergo a revolution in the next 20 years, according to the BMW Groups director of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson.

Speaking at the Geneva motor show, Robertson said that the biggest change was likely to be in the car manufacturing process.

The way we build cars today isnt far removed from how it was done 120 years ago, he said. But on the horizon we have materials such as moulded carbonfibre, which will remove the need for welding, and panels that will be coloured, which removes the need for painting. The traditional set-up of a car factory with welding and paint shops will change.

Design will also undergo a radical shift, driven by the changing role of electronics in the car. The potential for new systems, and new ways of connecting with your car, is immense.

Finally, there will be a big change in the sales environment. The dealer will still play a big part in the buying and ownership experience, but not as big a part as now. We already know customers walk into the dealership armed with more knowledge than ever before, and that will lead to changes in how we work.