Change in standards for driving licences

* New consultation on driving licences * Looks at minimum medical standards * Covers eyesight, epilepsy and diabetes...

Change in standards for driving licences
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What Car? Staff
3 Feb 2011 11:29

Proposals for new medical rules for driving licences would make the eye test easier and change the rules for motorists with epilepsy or diabetes.

The eye examination would become slightly easier under the proposals, with a reduction in the distance of the test from 20 to 17.5 metres.

Motorists who have only suffered seizures in their sleep would be considered for a licence after one year rather than three. Those whose seizures have no impact on consciousness or the ability to act would also be considered for a licence after one year for the first time.

Motorists with recurrent severe hypoglycaemia and/or impaired hypoglycaemic awareness would no longer be issued with licenses or considered for them.

Road safety minister Mike Penning said: 'We must make sure that only those who are safe to drive are allowed on our roads, while at the same time avoiding placing unnecessary restrictions on people's independence.'

The DVLA is consulting on the changes until April 28.