Check your fuel level!

* Highways Agency campaign launched * Coincides with school half-term * Roadside signs also being set up...

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Jim Holder
13 February 2008

Check your fuel level!

Motorists are being urged to check their fuel level before setting off on a motorway journey, in order to make sure they don't put themselves in danger by stopping on the hard shoulder.

The Highways Agency campaign is being timed to coincide with the school half-term break in England, when there is usually a rise in the number of motorists running out of fuel.

In addition to the campaign, engineers are erecting yellow message signs at key points on motorways to remind drivers to top up.

Highways Agency workers will also visit motorway service areas to talk to drivers about the importance of journey planning, including having enough fuel to complete their travels, and being aware of where they can top up once they are out on the motorway network.