Clocking – what is it, and how do I avoid buying a clocked car?

Many people assume that the unscrupulous practice of clocking is dead. Yet the number of cars that have had their mileage altered has risen by 25% in the past three years. We find out why...

1. Clocking – what is it, and how do I avoid buying a clocked car?
Car clocking
Impact of clocking
Why is clocking on the increase?
Service book
How are cars clocked?
Could a clocked car be dangerous?
What Car? says…
1. Check its service history
2. Inspect its condition
3. Take it for a test drive
4. Ask questions
5. Get a history check
6. Keep checking the odometer
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Think of clocking and you’ll probably conjure up a not-so-nostalgic image of a man in oily overalls in a backstreet garage manually winding back a chunky 1990s car odometer with a screwdriver.

You’ll also be forgiven for thinking that the practice of turning back the clock on a car died with the demise of the analogue odometer. However, far from being the modern, secure solution to this shady practice, digital odometers have made it easier than ever for a car’s apparent mileage to be altered. We explain the situation and how best to avoid ever buying a clocked car.

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