The most stolen cars in the UK

Updated figures from the Home Office show that a car is stolen in the UK every 5 minutes. But which models are most popular with thieves?...

Car security: what to do if your car is stolen

The days when you could break into a car with a coat hanger might be long gone, but the Home Office has confirmed that there were still 101,198 vehicles reported stolen in 2021 – more than twice the number announced by the DVLA in February.

This new information was revealed following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by former police detective Philip Swift, who is now managing director of vehicle claims specialist CMA.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests 72% of stolen vehicles are never returned to their owners, while a separate FOI by vehicle leasing firm LeaseLoco has revealed the cars that are most popular with thieves.

Unsurprisingly, that list is dominated by a mix of prestige models and some of the UK's best sellers. But is your car among them? Here we reveal the top 10, starting at number 10 and working our way down to the most stolen car in the UK.

10. Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-Class 2021 front

Number stolen 818

Strengths of the latest E-Class luxury car include a supple ride and a generous standard spec, while the boot of the estate version is enormous. Unfortunately, it's the first of two Mercedes models in the list that clearly attracts unwanted attention.

Astra CC

Number stolen 1096

After decades among the UK's very biggest sellers, Vauxhall's mid-sized hatchback, the Astra, finally dropped out of the top 10 a couple of years ago. However, there are still a vast number of them on our roads, giving thieves plenty to target.

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8. Vauxhall Corsa

corsa cc

Number stolen 1218

In most respects, the Corsa is a competent small car rather than an outstanding one. But like its bigger brother, the Astra, it's a very common sight on UK roads. Indeed, we Brits bought more Corsas than any other model in 2021.

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7. Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery 2021 front tracking

Number stolen 1260

The Land Rover Discovery is a huge seven-seater SUV that's awash with smart design touches that make life easier, including a cubby in the front that will swallow four iPads. Despite its presence here (or perhaps because of it), the latest examples are equipped with one of the most sophisticated engine immobiliser systems around.

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6. BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series 320d front

Number stolen 1464

It may be a prestige model, but the 3 Series regularly features near the pointy end of the UK sales charts, and with good reason: attributes include fun handling, strong, efficient engines and a smart, user-friendly interior. It's just a pity these things also seem to appeal to the unscrupulous.

Mercedes C-Class front three quarters

Number stolen 1474

Usually, Mercedes would be delighted to see the C-Class finish higher in a list than its arch-rival, the 3 series, but this instance is no doubt an exception. It's worth noting that the C-Class was recently replaced, with the latest version bringing a tech-laden interior and looking like a great company car choice in C300e plug-in hybrid form.

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4. Volkswagen Golf 

2020 Volkswagen Golf front action

Number stolen 1755

Like some of the models already covered, the Golf owes its presence here to two things: desirability and sheer numbers. It offers many of the premium features you'd expect to only get in a more expensive car. And it finished sixth in the UK sales chart in 2021.

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3. Ford Focus

Ford Focus front action

Number stolen 1912

The Ford Focus stands out as being the best family car to drive, with its handling particularly entertaining if you go for the sporty ST-Line trim. True, interior quality is a bit disappointing, but this doesn't seem to put off buyers – or criminals.

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2. Range Rover

Range Rover P400 front corner driving shot

Number stolen 3754

The second Land Rover to feature is the brand's flagship model: the luxurious and cosseting Range Rover. The incredibly well equipped Autobiography version is a particular target for thieves, many of whom steal to order for rapid export.

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1. Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta ST front

Number stolen 3909

First place (if we can call it that) goes to the Ford Fiesta – a small car that's great to drive, frugal and smart inside. However, as good as it is, its position in this list probably has more to do with the fact it was the UK's best-selling car for many years; there are millions on UK roads today.

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