Dani Behr

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17 November 2008

Dani Behr

Dani Behr
Age 34
Occupation TV presenter and mother
Phobias Jumping out of planes
Special skills Tidying camp, listening

The former Big Breakfast presenter describes herself as a five star hotel kind of girl', so it's clear that she'll be looking for a luxury car.

Given her television career and penchant for looking good, style and appearance are also going to be on the agenda.

Dani also has two children and her husband to think about, so we need to ensure she has plenty of space and practicality.

What Car?'s recommendation Citroen C4 Picasso

Why? Sure, Citroen isn't always associated with celebrities, but if Dani can look beyond the badge and focus on the French design flair she'll have all the space and practicality she needs - without blowing her appearance fee in one go.