Do cars from brokers have warranties?

13 June 2008
Do cars from brokers have warranties?

**Q: I'm about to buy a new Kia Cee'd and have found some great prices at online brokers. The Cee'd comes with a seven-year warranty, but I'm assuming you only get this if buying from a main dealer.

If that's the case, I think it might be better to stump up the extra cash. What do you think?
Richard Bromley**

A: The majority of internet brokers source cars through franchised UK dealerships. They essentially act as middle men, brokering a deal for you and taking a share of the profits in return.

The car is still bought from a UK dealer, though, so your warranty shouldn't be affected in any way.

There are some exceptions, though. A few brokers import cars from outside the EU - typically Cyprus, Japan and other countries that drive on the right.

If this is the case, your Cee'd wouldn't be designed for the UK, so Kia could refuse to fix any problems under warranty.

Some internet brokers also sell 'pre-registered' cars. These cars will have been registered in a dealership or fleet company's name, and then sold on at a later date with only delivery mileage on the clock.

The warranty starts from the date the car was first registered. So, if it's been sitting on a dealership forecourt for six months, you'll only have six and a half years' cover left. Still, that's two and a half years more than most car manufacturers offer.

Check with the broker that the car is brand new, unregistered, and to UK specification. If so, the warranty will be just the same as if you bought the car directly from a main dealer.