Driven to distraction by shouty DJs

* Radio distracts 80% of rush-hour drivers * Talk show arguments are worst offenders * Easy listening music is safest soundtrack...

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What Car? Staff
17 September 2009

Driven to distraction by shouty DJs

Listening to heated arguments or high-octane jokes and banter on the radio distracts twice as many drivers as the sound of radio music, according to a new survey.

If John Humphrys' combative style on Radio 4's Today Programme gets your blood boiling, or Chris Moyles' gag-a-minute chat on Radio 1 makes you laugh too much, you could find your attention straying from the road.

Nearly 80% of drivers said they were distracted by the radio in the poll conducted by car insurance company Zurich Connect. More than half of drivers said that talk radio was the most likely soundtrack to divert their attention from driving.

To keep drivers focused, Mike Quinton from Zurich Connect recommends Terry Wogan's gentle morning musings on Radio 2 or some gentle music without too much chat from Magic or Classic FM.