DVLA cracks down on test impersonators

* Fake candidates face prison * Man sentenced to two years in jail * DVLA issues warning...

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What Car? Staff
18 August 2008

DVLA cracks down on test impersonators

Impersonators who take driving tests on behalf of real candidates are being warned that they will face lengthy prison sentences if they are caught.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) issued the warning after Palwinder Singh Johal was sentenced to two years in prison at Oxford Crown Court.

Johal was found guilty of attempting to obtain property by deception and further counts of fraud by abuse of position, after trying to obtain driving licences by impersonating others at driving test centres.

Andrew Rice, head of fraud & integrity for the Driving Standards Agency, said: 'Tackling impersonations is a key priority for the agency because failing to identify offenders presents a significant danger to road safety.'