DVLA warns of e-mail scam

  • E-mail asks for licence details
  • and other personal details
  • It's not from the DVLA
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An article image
An article image

The DVLA has warned that an e-mail asking motorists to click on a link and confirm their details is not genuine, and not to be trusted.

The e-mail claims to be from the DVLA and appears to be an attempt to gather personal information from drivers.

DVLA's corporate director, David Evans, said: 'We would strongly urge anyone in receipt of this or a similar e-mail to treat it with extreme caution and not to follow the instructions given.'

The link includes dft.gov.uk in the url address, but will direct them to a site at topindiangamer.com/dvla.

Don't click on the link or provide any personal details.