Esther Rantzen

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Esther Rantzen

Esther Rantzen
Age 68
Occupation TV presenter and campaigner
Phobias Heights, snakes, spiders, fairground rides and the loo
Special skills Getting on with people

Surely it won't be long until everyone starts referring to Esther as a national institution after all, she's been on television for decades and fought tirelessly on behalf of numerous good causes. As a result, we're thinking about a luxury car that befits her status.

Although her children are all adults, we suspect that her status as a people person' means that she still sees a lot of them, and would like to have room to accommodate them in her 'new' car.

Finally, there's her famous sense of humour to consider. We don't think Esther would want people to think she's taking herself too seriously if they saw her drive by.

What Car?'s recommendation Jaguar XF

Why? What Car?'s reigning car of the year would be perfect: it has the luxury that befits Esther's status as a national institution-in-waiting, room for four, and a badge that still engenders warmth rather than hostility among the public in this country.