Exterior and interior

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Exterior and interior

VW proudly claims that the new Golf has 'a sportier and more distinctive image than any previous generation of the model series'.

What that means in practical terms is a car that takes styling cues both from past Golfs and new Volkswagens, such as the Scirocco and Passat CC.

The quality of the materials inside the new Golf is better than ever, say VW.

Details include more use of brushed aluminium and a more intuitive layout of the controls, including a new touch-screen sat-nav and electric window controls.

Practicality is also key, with four boot hooks fitted to top your shopping rolling around, the side mirrors that have been aerodynamically sculpted so less dirt sticks to them and a more durable type of leather used.

A special sound-damping film is also standard on all windscreens, as well as a new design of door seal, which ensure the car has a quieter cabin than ever before, according to VW.