Failed learner drivers attack examiners

* 340 examiners assaulted in 2007 * 323 verbally and 17 physically * Test cars may have CCTV cameras fitted...

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Jim Holder
08 September 2008

Failed learner drivers attack examiners

Learner drivers attacked more than 300 examiners after failing their test last year, according to official figures.

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show that a total of 340 examiners were assaulted, 323 verbally and 17 physically.

That is more than double the amount in 1997.

However, while verbal assaults rose from 319 last year, the number of physical attacks dropped from 29.

The threat of violence from disgruntled candidates who dispute their fail result has led to some test centres installing panic buttons, training staff in how to handle aggressive and violent candidates, and warning candidates that violence will lead to conviction.

The Driving Standards Agency has also revealed that it is considering installing CCTV cameras at its 13 most troublesome test centres.