Fast women overtake frugal males

* Men more likely to slow down * to save money * Regional differences also revealed...

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What Car? Staff
11 June 2010

Fast women overtake frugal males

While 60% of male drivers would drive less to slash motoring bills, fewer than half of women would abandon their cars to cut costs, according to new research from the Environmental Transport Association (ETA).

Fast women
The survey also revealed that 45% of men would drive more slowly to cut fuel costs, but just 37% of women would lift off the accelerator to reduce bills.
However, women are 23% more likely to combine journeys to reduce their overall mileage.

Regional comparisons:
• Drivers in the North East were least likely to drive less to cut their motoring costs, but the most likely to reduce their speed.
• Drivers in the South were 46% more likely than those in the North to cycle in order to save money.
• Drivers in the West Midlands were most inclined (61%) to drive less.
• Drivers in the East Midlands were least likely (31%) to reduce their speed to cut motoring costs (31%).
• Drivers in the East of England showed the most enthusiasm for the idea of cycling more to reduce costs.

Other findings:
• Twice as many men as women are prepared to cycle in order to reduce their motoring costs (21% and 10% respectively).