Fastest-depreciating cars for less than £50,000

Even when you limit your budget to £50,000, some cars still drop their value like a stone – and these models are the worst offenders...

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Like death and taxes, depreciation is unfortunately one of the few constant forces in the modern world. Even if you've done your research, know the What Car? review of the car you're thinking of buying word-for-word, and have even limited your budget to a relatively sensible £50,000, it's a sad fact that all cars begin to lose value the moment you begin driving them.

The rate at which cars shed pounds and pence variest wildly, however, and here we're looking at the car which depreciate the fastest over three years and 36,000 miles of ownership. We've also covered the slowest-depreciating new cars for less than £50,000 in a separate story.

In each case we've highlighted the model which performs best in terms of depreciation, and you can find out more about the specific version we've noted, or the car's range as a whole, by following the links through to our in-depth reviews. You can also see how much you can expect to pay using our free New Car Deals service.

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