Foreign lorries cause 52m of accidents

* Survey reveals cost of damage * Average repair bill 3750 * Total cost more than 50 million...

Foreign lorries cause 52m of accidents

Accidents caused by left-hand-drive, foreign-registered lorries result in nearly 52m-worth of damage each year in the UK, according to a new survey.

The report, compiled by accident management firm Accident Exchange, showed that 46% of incidents involving foreign lorries happened on motorways, with 42% of those incidents on the M25.

The average repair bill was nearly 3750, with nearly one in 10 vehicles classed as total write-offs by insurance assessors.

The survey concluded that foreign lorries cause one in every 350 accidents in the UK, adding up to 48.9m in repairs, vehicle replacement and personal injury claims, and 2.8m-worth of lost working hours.