Government wants more car sharing

* Transport Minister promotes scheme * Survey reveals just 1% take part in formal schemes * 61% do give lifts, however...

Government wants more car sharing
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Jim Holder
25 Jan 2008 11:38

The Department for Transport has called for businesses to promote car sharing, after releasing the results of its first survey into the scheme.

Transport Minister Rosie Winterton said: 'While the research shows that informal car sharing is popular, it highlights that formal schemes run by employers are still in the minority.

'I encourage employers to consider whether introducing a car-sharing scheme for their organisation could help them reduce their carbon footprint and provide quicker, more-convenient journeys for staff.'

The survey revealed:
• 61% of participants had taken part in some form of car sharing in the past month
• 28% got a lift once a week
• 25% of the journeys were work-related
• 1% were part of a formal car-sharing scheme