Hauliers welcome action on law breakers

* Calls for scheme to be introduced quickly * Firm date from government needed * Foreign lorries must be targeted...

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David Motton
28 July 2008

Hauliers welcome action on law breakers

The Road Hauliers Association (RHA) has welcomed government plans to crackdown on rogue lorries, but wants a firm date for the introduction of the new measures.

The Department for Transport announced the new plans last week, which include fines for drivers who commit an offence and cannot supply a UK address. The measures would also allow the police or the Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA) to immobilise vehicles.

However, the RHA is worried that the new measures could be delayed.

'Our main concern is that the scheme be introduced as soon as possible,' said RHA chief executive, Roger King. 'While the government says it is working towards starting the scheme in April 2009, it stops short of making a firm commitment.'

The RHA wants to see law-breaking foreign lorries tackled as soon as possible.

'Foreign operators currently face no practical penalties in the UK for any but the most extreme offences,' said King. 'Foreign trucks have a far worse compliance record and are much more likely to be involved in an accident than British trucks.'