How far? How fast? How long? How cheap?

* Affordable and practical * Range of 60-75 miles * Still has some problems, though...

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What Car? Staff
01 May 2009

How far? How fast? How long? How cheap?

How far? How fast? How long? How cheap?
ECC says the C1 Ev'ie has a range of 60-75 miles on a full charge, which takes six hours using a standard household 13 amp socket. A full charge costs around 95p, depending on your supplier's charges.

Top speed is listed at 60mph, but since What Car? only drove the car in London we haven't put that to the test. ECC founder David Martell says the Ev'ie accelerates to 30mph in 3.7 seconds, which is more than adequate for around town.

Once you've stumped up the purchase price, the C1 enjoys a number of concessions and benefits. You won't pay a bean in road tax and you won't have to pay-up for London's congestion charge, either. You'll find free parking bays for electric cars in most cities, along with points to recharge its battery for free, too.