How practical is it?

* Works on- or off-road * Superbly refined and practical * On sale in the autumn, from 14,000...

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What Car? Staff
01 May 2009

How practical is it?

How practical is it?
It's hard to believe that a car little longer than the largest supermini can provide so much space, but the wide cabin, tall roof and the Roomster's multi-position sliding rear seats guarantee that four adults will fit comfortably, and it's possible to seat three abreast in the back if they're not too broad-shouldered.

Those rear seats also fold in half, fold to stand upright behind the front two or lift out altogether if you need to carry more than the 410-litre boot will take. At its maximum, the Yeti will swallow 1760 litres of cargo. There are plenty of hooks, nets and compartments for smaller bits and pieces, too.

There'll be no shortage of comfort features if you feel like splashing out on a top-of-the-range version or a few extras. A self-parking system, parking sensors, two-zone climate control, a multi-function steering wheel and a touchscreen navigation system that can store details of off-road routes you've driven are among the options.