'I just want what I've already paid for'

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21 April 2010

'I just want what I've already paid for'

'So, the average motorist would pay 75 a year less at 10p per mile than paying the current car tax.

'Let me see - my car tax is 150 per year, which equates to 1500 miles at 10p per mile (simple arithmetic), so if that is going to save me 75 per year then they must expect me to drive no more than 750 miles a year?

'How can anyone possibly trust people like these who can't even do simple arithmetic?'
Mike Howells

'Another crazy proposition - we already own the roads and we've paid for them over and over again. We never see value for money for the roads as it is.

'For those like myself with age and a long memory, I remember that when North Sea gas came on stream that we were told that eventually it would be free. This sounds like another such pie-in-the-sky project.

'No, I do not want to buy a share in the roads I just want to get what I've already paid for, rather than paying into a 'get-rich' scheme for politicians.

'"You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can even fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time"'
Brian Hilton

'Another pathetic attempt to spin road pricing (by a left-leaning 'think tank'), which is unwanted by the vast majority of drivers.

'Don't insult our intelligence by claiming it will cost drivers less. It won't - road pricing is designed to price the poor off the roads.

'We already own the roads and pay 50 billion in motoring taxes per year, only to see about 4 billion spent on improving roads, and about 5 billion spent on maintenance.

'Congestion is the result of deliberate congestion-causing measures implemented by councils and government, as well as a lack of investment in the road infrastructure, which needs to be brought up to EU standards.
Paul Biggs