In-car gadgets

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What Car? Staff
05 December 2011

In-car gadgets

Here's a selection of useful in-car gadgets.

Huawei Mifi from Three PAYG
Cost: 84.99rrp, contract 7.87 a month with 49.99 initial cost

Several premium cars come with the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, and this Three dongle means those without the function will be able to enjoy the same benefits.

Paying for a monthly contract on top of a phone bill is annoying, given that many smartphones allow you to pair a laptop with them for internet connections, but the Mifi is quicker and the battery should last longer as well.
Power Monkey Classic V2
Cost: 34.95rrp

With many different attachments, the Power Monkey proves able to charge all manner of mobile phones and portable devices. Its recharged from the mains so it holds plenty of power and justifies its price for those that travel a lot and demand a lot from their gadgets.
AA Mobile Phone Emergency Charger
Cost: 7.99rrp

The AA charger is much cheaper than rivals, and its simple to use on the move, with power coming from a single AA battery. However, it failed to charge either an iPhone 3GS or 4, with the phone saying it did not support the accessory. Leaving the battery in will drain the power as well, so its a fiddly tool to store.