Is it a big problem?

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Is it a big problem?

Consider this: at the last count, the DTI said the service and repair industry was worth 10 billion a year, but that 40% of the work it did wasnt worth the money.

As a result, it said motorists were out of pocket to the tune of 4 billion a year - 11 million every day or 149 for every car on the road, every year.

The DTI found garages that claimed to do work they hadnt done, that did work that didnt need doing, that missed dangerous faults and that overcharged.

It rated 51% of garages as poor or very poor, 22% as average, 22% good and just 5% very good.

Little wonder, then, that in a survey, 30% of motorists said that they didnt trust workshops at all, while 44% trusted them sometimes, and just 24% mostly trusted them.

Only 2% had complete faith.