Large MPV

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19 June 2008

Large MPV

1st: Ford S-Max
Price from 17,800
Theft of
Theft from
This is the second year the S-Max has won in this category. Overall security provision is good, although this is the lowest-scoring winner of any car in this year's awards.

There's a decent alarm, with a tilt sensor fitted to every model in the range, and the door locks are exceedingly strong. However, the steering column lock could be a little better.

2nd: Ford Galaxy (all except Edge)
Price from 19,800
The Galaxy is almost identical to the S-Max, although Edge models don't get an alarm, so it moves into second spot behind its brother.

3rd: Chrysler Grand Voyager
Price from 20,005
Chrysler's new Grand Voyager bumps the Renault Espace out of third place, with extras like a locking glovebox. The alarm could do with a tilt sensor, though.