London Congestion Charge changes?

* Will 25-a-day charge be dropped? * Johnson ponders potential changes * Nothing agreed yet...

07 May 2008
London Congestion Charge changes?

Plans to charge the most-polluting cars 25 a day to enter London's Congestion Charge zone remain in place, despite Boris Johnson becoming London Mayor last week.

Under plans introduced by former Mayor Ken Livingstone, changes to the congestion charge will come into effect on October 27.

The changes will mean that cars emitting 120g/km of carbon dioxide or less will be exempt from the charge. Cars that emit over 225g/km will be charged 25 a day to enter the capital, rather than the usual 8.

One of Johnson's pre-election pledges was to scrap the 25-a-day charge. He is expected to make reviewing the proposals a priority once he has settled into office.

He is also rumoured to be considering moving the Congestion Charge zone boundaries, so that the boroughs of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster are no longer included.

However, a Transport for London spokesman has stressed that no changes to the current plans have been confirmed yet.

'As the new Mayor settles into office, I'm sure this will be one issue that is under discussion,' said the spokesman. 'But at the moment talks remain ongoing.'