M25 speed cameras upgraded

* Now on permanently * Thresholds lower * Uncertain if cameras will be painted yellow...

M25 speed cameras upgraded
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What Car? Staff
31 Jan 2008 18:06

The area of the M25 covered by variable speed limits is having its safety cameras updated to digital units, so that they will be operational all the time.

The gantry-level units have previously been fitted with cameras using film to catch speeding motorists. However, when the film ran out the cameras couldnt record offenders.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency (HA) confirmed the changes between junction 10 and 15 on the M25, saying they were part of routine upgrades currently being carried out.

The spokesman refused to comment on speculation that the new cameras would be set with lower speed thresholds than the older units.

Reports suggest the older cameras were set to only picture motorists doing more than 90mph when the variable speed limits werent operating, to save film for catching people travelling at particularly high speeds.

The HA spokesman refused to comment on suggestions that the new digital units will be set with a threshold of the speed limit plus 10%, plus 2mph, or whether the changes meant that all of the speed cameras would have to be painted with high-visibility yellow paint.