Male drivers can't take the heat

* Skimpy outfits distract men * Insurance claims rocket in summer * Girls aren't so hot-and bothered...

Male drivers can't take the heat

Women in short skirts and skimpy summer outfits could be driving the UK's male motorists to distraction and causing accidents, according to research from car insurer Sheila's Wheels.

The survey revealed that almost a third of male drivers admit to taking their eyes off the road after being distracted by a scantily clad woman.

This was backed up by research that revealed men made 16% more motor insurance claims than women between June and August 2009.

Road rage, too
It's not just reduced amounts of clothing that gets temperatures rising on the roads, either. The report also blamed hot weather for a big increase in road rage.

More than 20% of men said they were more likely to get aggressive while behind the wheel in summer.

Women not hot-and-bothered
Women, however, are less troubled by hot weather and the sight of men baring more flesh. Only 3% of girls admitted being distracted by a man in summer clothing.