Many drivers running low on fuel

* One in eight driving on fumes * Problem worst in North East and Wales * Fuel prices up 27% since 2008...

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Pete Barden
15 May 2012

Many drivers running low on fuel

One in eight motorists drive with a near-empty petrol tank as they battle soaring fuel prices, according to new research from breakdown company Green Flag.

Young drivers have been hit hardest, with nearly 25% of 18-34 year olds admitting to driving 'on vapours'.

A 27% increase in fuel prices since 2008 has contributed to 1.4 million 4% of UK drivers motorists running out of fuel.

Green Flag's research revealed that those most likely to be scraping the bottom of the fuel tank are drivers in the North East and Wales, with 18% of motorists running on empty.

Those in the North West are least likely to run dry, with just 9% of drivers regularly dodging the forecourt.

North East 18%
Wales 18%
East Midlands 16%
West Midlands 16%
Yorkshire & Humberside 14%
South East 14%
N. Ireland 13%
Scotland 11%
London 10%
South West 9%
East of England 9%
North West 8%

Miranda Schunke, of Green Flag breakdown service, said: 'These drivers pose a serious threat to themselves and other motorists. Running out of fuel on a busy road increases the risk of being hit by other motorists and those who have run dry awaiting assistance by the side of the road are also leaving themselves unnecessarily vulnerable.'

Pete Barden