More obeying 30mph speed limits

* Less than 50% break 30mph limits * Rise in speed cameras cited * Fuel costs also a factor...

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Jim Holder
30 Jul 2008 09:38 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

More motorists are sticking to 30mph speed limits than at any point in the last decade, Department for Transport statistics have revealed.

Driving groups believe this is because of the increasing numbers of speed cameras and a series of hard-hitting road safety campaigns. The rising cost of fuel has also been cited, with drivers lowering their speeds to improve economy.

According to the Department for Transport, 70% of cars travelled at speeds in excess of the 30mph limit in 1997 but this has now fallen below half.

The reduction in speed has also been credited with a fall in road deaths, which dipped below 3000 for the first time since reports began in 1926 last year.