New Audi Q7 vs used Range Rover Sport: which is best?

Big SUVs don’t come more luxurious than the latest Audi Q7, but is it still a desirable buy against a posh used Range Rover Sport?...

Audi Q7

New Audi Q7 vs used Range Rover Sport – driving

With ‘Sport’ in the name of one of them, you'll not be surprised to hear which of our SUVs is the best car to drive. The Range Rover Sport has a remarkable combination of accurate steering and tight body control, yet still manages to provide an exemplary ride in all situations. This is especially the case if you stick with smaller wheels on HSE versions; the bigger 21in and 22in alloys and their smaller sidewalls make the ride harsher over bumps.

If comfort is your major concern, it's the Q7 that you should go for. If you go for optional air suspension (standard on the S line, which is the model we recommend), it just about has the edge over the Sport when it comes to smoothness. It won't steer or handle with anything like the alacrity of the Sport, though, with much more pronounced body lean in bends and a rather numb sensation at the helm.

New Audi Q7 vs used Range Rover Sport – driving

Mind you, the Q7 is still the fastest vehicle of the two, even though the Sport has more power. Both use big, 3.0-litre V6 diesel engines, but the 268bhp one in the Audi is the quietest; it's only really audible from cold at idle before fading into the background once warmed up. The 302bhp engine in the Sport has plenty of mid-range pull (useful when towing), but it can’t match the Audi for smoothness and refinement and the occasionally slow-witted gearbox hampers performance.  

New Audi Q7 vs used Range Rover Sport – costs

Let’s not pretend that either of these two cars will be inexpensive to run; for a kickoff, they'll cost £450 per year in road tax. As both cars cost more than £40,000 when new, both incur the £310 luxury car road tax surcharge for a period of five years, beginning on the second occasion that the car is taxed. Of course, if your Range Rover Sport is more than a year old, you'll have fewer £450 annual payments before your road tax reverts to the usual £140 fee. 

Neither returns very good fuel economy, either. Measured under the old NEDC system, the Audi did best at 47.9mpg compared with the 40.4mpg of the Range Rover Sport but, in everyday driving, you’ll likely get a lot less than that from both cars.

New Audi Q7 vs used Range Rover Sport – costs

According to What Car? New Car Buying, you should be able to get a Q7 45 TDI S line for £52,634. A 2017 Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE with around 10,000 miles on it will be around £49,000, which is a sizeable amount of money saved. You get a two year warranty if you buy through Land Rover’s approved used scheme, too, as well as two years UK and European breakdown cover. A new Q7 will have a three year warranty as standard, along with three years of UK and European breakdown cover.

As for reliability, it’s the Range Rover that gets the wooden spoon here. Land Rover, as a brand, doesn’t have the greatest reputation for reliability and finished in 30th out of 31 manufacturers according to the latest What Car? Reliability survey. Audi didn’t do that well either, but 20th place is a much better result.

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