New Audi SQ5 vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

The new Audi SQ5 performance SUV gets a twin-turbo V6 petrol engine. Let’s see how it fares against a Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 from the same mould...

New Audi SQ5 vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

More good news: both are just as roomy and practical as the regular SUVs on which they’re based. So you’ll have no problem carrying around four tall adults in comfort or taking the family to Wales for the weekend.

The SQ5’s sliding and reclining rear seats are a handy bonus – and with them slid as far back as they’ll go, both cars provide an identical amount of rear leg room. The GLC has a few more centimetres of rear head room, but you’d have to be really lanky to notice.

New Audi SQ5 vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

It’s an easy win for the SQ5 when it comes to boot space. Even with the rear seats slid all the way back, it has a longer and taller load area, and it managed to swallow nine carry-on suitcases below the parcel shelf, compared with eight in the GLC. That said, the GLC has extra storage under its boot floor and there’s no lip at its boot entrance. In the SQ5, there’s an 8cm drop down on to the boot floor.

Audi SQ5

Official boot capacity 550-1550 litres Suitcase capacity 9

New Audi SQ5 vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

Sliding and reclining rear seats come as standard so you can prioritise boot space or rear leg room. The SQ5 has a longer and taller boot than the GLC regardless of where you put the seats, but there is a lip at the entrance

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

Official boot capacity 550-1600 litres Suitcase capacity 8

New Audi SQ5 vs Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

The GLC matches the SQ5 for rear leg room and beats it for rear head room. You’ll fit less in the GLC’s main boot area, although there is a handy amount of lockable under floor storage – useful for keeping valuables safe.