New BMW X7 vs Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is one of the very best all-rounders you can buy, but BMW is out to better it with its new X7. So, which luxury seven-seater deserves your £75k?...

Audi Q7 boot

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

The X7 may command serious space on the road, but the pay-off is a colossal interior. Thanks to an unusually high roof and a broad body, being in the driver’s seat feels like sitting in the corner of a sparkling German aircraft hangar.

Yet it’s only once you slide into the second and third rows of seats that you truly appreciate the extra space such a large area affords. Both the Q7 and X7 can seat three adults in comfort in the second row, but the latter allows you to properly stretch out, with a significant 50mm more leg room.

BMW X7 boot

The disparity is even greater in the third row. While smaller adults can fit happily enough in the Q7, the X7 can take six-footers without breaking a sweat. Access is also easier. BMW expects these seats to be used often – as evidenced by the pair of cupholders, dual USB ports and individual climate controls that you’ll find back there. 

Our contenders are more evenly matched for boot space, though. With the rear seats down, both cars offer a flat, square load bay. The Q7’s is slightly longer, but the X7 has a split tailgate that’s useful for loading larger items, because you can rest them on the folded-down lower half and then slide them in. 

Audi Q7 rear seats

Q7 offers fractionally more front leg room than the X7. Its interior is also hugely flexible, thanks to second-row seats that are split 35/30/35 (the X7’s are 40/20/40) and slide, enabling you to prioritise either boot space or leg room.

Boot 295-770-1955 litres  Suitcases 10


BMW X7 rear seats

As with the rival Land Rover Discovery, the seats slide and fold electrically, so there’s no fiddling about with levers. Once the second row is moved forward (it slides in a 60/40 split), it’s relatively painless to climb into the very back.

Boot 326-750-2120 litres  Suitcases 12

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