New Jaguar F-Pace SVR vs Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

With a mighty V8 engine, the Jaguar F-Pace SVR has the firepower to take on Alfa Romeo’s award-winning Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Let’s see who makes the best posh sports SUV...

Alfa Romeo Stelvio driving

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

Although neither car is even remotely cheap, the Stelvio costs around £5000 less to buy outright, even after factoring in the bigger discounts available on the F-Pace. The Stelvio also has a lighter thirst for petrol and is predicted to hold its value better. So, although it’s pricier to insure and service, a private cash buyer will save nearly £6000 over three years.

Finance your car via a PCP deal and the Stelvio looks even more appealing. With a £7000 deposit, 10,000-mile-a-year limit and a three-year term, the Stelvio is a full £170 a month cheaper. If you’re in the fortunate position of running one of these as a company car, the Stelvio is also cheaper on benefit-in-kind tax by £61 a month.

Jaguar F-Pace driving

The F-Pace gives you more toys, though. While both come with keyless entry, an electric tailgate, cruise control, a reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors and leather upholstery (part-Alcantara in the Stelvio), the F-Pace adds ambient lighting, heated and ventilated seats, LED headlights and a heated windscreen.

As for safety, both scored five stars in Euro NCAP’s tests, with the Stelvio proving better at protecting adults in a crash and the F-Pace slightly ahead in terms of child and pedestrian protection.

Reliability isn’t a strong point for either brands, though, according to the latest What Car? survey. The F-Pace was below average for dependability, and although we don’t have data for the Stelvio, Alfa Romeo as a brand finished a disheartening 25th out of 31 manufacturers, with Jaguar finishing a lowly 26th.

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