New Lexus LC vs Jaguar F-Type

With dramatic looks and V8 power, Lexus’s new LC coupé is a quirky alternative to Jaguar’s F-Type R. Let’s see which one you should buy...

New Lexus LC vs Jaguar F-Type

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

​There’s no doubt the LC’s interior is far more upmarket than the F-Type’s. The intricate stitching, plush-feeling buttons, slick-looking screens and the nice touch of an analogue clock create a charm that makes the LC feel worth its lofty price.

The F-Type’s interior is dour in comparison. It’s neither as robust nor as charming as the LC’s, although the more logical layout means you won’t get a headache trying to work out how to turn on the optional heated seats.

New Lexus LC vs Jaguar F-Type

The LC’s standard sports seats are especially comfortable, with eight-way electric adjustment. The F-Type’s seats have 12-way electric adjustment but aren’t quite as supportive. Both cars have electrically adjustable steering columns that allow a wide range of height and reach movement.

Visibility is better in the LC, because the F-Type’s windscreen is narrower and the windscreen pillars interfere more with your view out at junctions. The LC also gets a reversing camera as standard – a feature that costs an extra £275 in the F-Type.