New Lexus LC vs Jaguar F-Type

With dramatic looks and V8 power, Lexus’s new LC coupé is a quirky alternative to Jaguar’s F-Type R. Let’s see which one you should buy...

New Lexus LC vs Jaguar F-Type

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

It’s a clear-cut win for the LC here. It’s much cheaper to own privately, thanks to its lower list price and monthly PCP finance payments. Yes, the LC will cost you a bit more to fuel, but it’s cheaper to insure. However, the biggest difference is how much better the LC is predicted to hold onto its value over three years.

The F-Type finished rock bottom in its class in our latest reliability survey, with a worrying 90 faults per 100 cars. The LC is too new to have any specific data yet, although Lexus finished first (out of 32 brands) for dependability.

New Lexus LC vs Jaguar F-Type

On the equipment front, the F-Type looks a bit stingy. You have to pay extra for front parking sensors and a reversing camera, while luxuries such as a heated steering wheel and heated seats are available only as part of expensive packs, whereas both of are standard on the cheaper LC.

In Sport+ form, the LC comes with a standard limited-slip differential, retractable rear spoiler, carbonfibre roof, 21in alloy wheels and four-wheel steering as standard. Yet, we’d be tempted to save £10,000 and stick with the entry-level model.