New Mercedes-AMG GT 4dr vs Porsche Panamera

Fast, luxurious and practical, the Porsche Panamera is a sumptuous way to go grand touring. But it faces stiff competition from the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4dr...

Mercedes AMG GT 4dr driving

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

Whether you focus on list price, depreciation, servicing or insurance, either car will cost you a pretty penny. But as a private buy over three years, the Panamera is more expensive to run, assuming that you’re using its V8 petrol engine more often than the electric motor. Keep its battery topped up and do shorter trips, though, and the gap to the GT will narrow. Recharging takes six hours via a three-pin domestic socket, or 2.4 hours if you add a faster 7.2kW onboard charger (£536) and use a dedicated wallbox.  

The Panamera’s real USP is company car tax. Thanks to its far lower CO2 emissions, it will save you £14,387 in monthly salary sacrifices over the GT until the end of March next year, assuming you’re in the 40% tax bracket.

Porsche Panamera driving

PCP finance rates are broadly the same, with both costing around £2150 per month (assuming a £13,000 deposit and a 12,000-mile annual limit over three years). 

Both cars come laden with luxuries, such as leather seats (heated front and rear), LED headlights, an electric tailgate, keyless entry and front and rear parking sensors. Porsche makes you pay for extra for a rear-view camera and privacy glass, though. You also have to pay for safety systems such as blindspot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, traffic sign recognition and even automatic emergency braking, all of which the GT includes as standard. 

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